• Moisture Control

    #1 Key to Eliminating Mold in Anderson, South Carolina!

    If you have lived in the Anderson, South Carolina area for even a short time, you are aware of that, like much of the South East, we have at times a significant humidity problem. Moisture can be a really big problem for your house. If you have a crawl space, you most likely have a plastic moisture barrier covering most of the ground under your house. When most houses are built, most contractors do the bare minimum in terms of putting down a barrier. Most are not sufficient given the amount of humidity and moisture that we experience. Exterior walls are generally not sealed relying on grading of the land to keep water from penetrating your walls into the crawl space or basement.


    High levels of moisture in your crawl space can invite problems such as mold or termites. It can also cause rotting of your floor joists and subflooring. In some cases, it can even penetrate into hardwood flooring causing it to cup or buckle. Putting down adequate protection from moisture coming up from the ground or as condensate during the summer months can help protect your number one investment.


    We use top grade plastic sheeting to cover the ground in your crawl space. The sheets are overlapped such that the barrier is continuous and does not let any moisture seep into the space.

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    Covering the ground is only one part of the solution. If water can seep in around the foundation walls, it will simply stand on the plastic vapor barrier. This will defeat the purpose of having the barrier down in the first place. To have complete moisture control, the foundation walls should also be sealed. This may involve digging down along the foundation and either spraying on or rolling (painting) on sealant that will keep water from seeping through the walls.


    H2 Mold Removal Services of Anderson has the technical expertise and the experience to seal up your crawl space so that moisture issues are a thing of the past. Call us today at (864) 402-1243 or fill out the form below for a FREE quote!