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    Can cleaning your air ducts help you stay healthy? It's probably a safe bet that eliminating dust, mold spores, pet hair and dander and dirt from your HVAC air ducts will help to improve the indoor air quality and help maintain a cleaner home environment. Cleaner ducts can also improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.


    The amount of dirt or debris in your air ducts can be surprising. There can literally be pounds of contaminants that build up over time. If you or someone in your house has ever smoked, there is probably residual odors that are trapped in the ducts and you may not even notice it. Another source of build up in air duct can originate from having pets or having done any remodeling in your house.


    Here in South Carolina, the humidity can cause considerable condensation both on the outside and the inside of your air ducts. This can be an environment rich for microbial growth leading to mold. Mold can also grow easily on the evaporator coils of your HVAC system causing it to have to work harder to cool or heat your house.


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    There may be several steps to cleaning your system.

    • A complete inspection of your entire heating and cooling system.  That includes not only the duct work but also the furnace/air conditioner evaporator coil, the return intake vents and filters, the blower, the drip pan and the vent covers.
    • A special HEPA-filtered vacuum is used to clean the various component mentioned above.
    • If needed, compressed air may be used to provide back pressure to dislodge any contaminants not picked up in the vacuum.
    • After work is completed, the technician will check for any leakage in the system so that the system operates at maximum efficiency.
    • Breathe easier!

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