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    Do you have allergies? Do you have walls, ceilings or floors with black mold (or a variety of colors) growing? Do you have closets or rooms that have a musty order? This can be signs of a severe mold problem that can cause structural problems with your property, or worse, health problems with you or your loved ones. Mold spores can be released in one area of your home (or business) and travel throughout your home or office via your heating or cooling system. Stopping the spread of those mold spores is paramount. Your living or working environment should be a top priority. Just doing a surface cleaning is not enough!


    Excessive moisture or water damage caused by leaky or faulty plumbing can lead to an environment rich for microorganisms and bacteria to grow. Even new construction can have issues with indoor air quality if there was faulty installation of moisture barriers or plumbing. A simple back up in your AC unit can create a breeding ground for mold or other bacteria. You may not even be able to see the problem on the surface.


    Many people believe that simply using a bleach cleaner will rid them of a mold problem. This typically will only mask the problem for a short time and the problem will resurface. Have a professionally trained technician take a look.

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    Buying a New Home?

    Before you buy, you may want to invest in a home inspection. Make sure your inspection includes testing for mold and radon. If the building has trees or overgrown shrubbery nearby, there may be moisture being trapped against the exterior of the house or building. If the house has been closed up and unoccupied for a period of time, mold may have started to grow in the heating/cooling system. Most of the time, there will be visual clues that mold is present, but in some cases it may be deep within air ducts or under carpet or in cabinets.


    Remediation and removal of mold requires a properly trained person who can access the damage, initially clean up the infestation, and then implement a solution that fixes the issue, once and permanently. Trust H2 Mold Removal Services to provide that expertise. Our professional personnel are specifically trained to thoroughly inspect, find and determine the proper steps to solve the problem. The inspection process includes looking the exterior, the interior rooms, the attic space and under the structure. All cabinets, closets, air handling systems and laundry areas are inspected. A meter used to determine moisture content is used in various locations throughout the structure to find probable hidden sources of mold.

    Water Damage

    Water damage can occur from a broken pipe, a leaky roof or, if you live in a low lying area, seepage from ground water. Water damage can easily create structural issues such as foundational integrity problems (settling or cracking) or rotting wood beams. These issues can be extremely costly and can cause real safety issues. Proper remediation of water problems is essential in keeping one problem from creating a worse problem - mold or structural issues. H2 Mold Removal Services can help you find the proper solution to any water damage in Anderson, South Carolina.

    Fire/Smoke Damage

    Fire or smoke damage remediation requires many of the same skills that are necessary for mold removal. Smoke damage typically can affect more than just the area where the fire occurred. For example, a small kitchen fire can cause smoke to permeate all rooms in a home. Also, if water was used to put out the fires there may be additional issues to be dealt with.


    H2 Mold Removal Services of Anderson contractors will work with your insurance company to provide the needed restoration work to put your home back to its original condition. All odors and damaged areas will be thoroughly cleaned and restored.

    Air Duct Cleaning

    Over time, forced air HVAC systems collect all kinds of dirt and dust (and dust mites!) . Here in the south, humidity during the summer months causes moisture to condense in and on duct work. This is a great place for mold to get a foot hold. Not only can your health be affected by the amount of particles in the air but the efficiency of your heating and cooling system can be negatively impacted. Periodic cleaning of air ducts is recommended to keep pollutants and health hazards at a minimum.

    Moisture Control

    If the bare minimum moisture barrier was put down when your house was built, your home may be at risk of moisture damage. Adding plastic moisture barrier to a crawl space may save you on damage to your hardwood floors and wooden floor joists. Also, adding a waterproof sealant around your foundation walls up to the ground level may keep out unwanted water from under your house. 

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    Anderson, SC is known as the "Electric City" and also as "Friendliest City in South Carolina". Anderson was one of the first cities in the southeast to become "electrified" when a hydroelectric plant was built on the Rocky River to supply electricity to a textile company and to the city.


    Anderson city is the county seat of Anderson County. Anderson county is situated in the northwestern part of the state or Upstate of South Carolina. The county borders the South Carolina/Georgia state line at Lake Hartwell. The lake offers pleasure boating and other outdoor activities.


    Anderson University is located near the downtown region of the city and was established in 1911 and became a university in 2006.

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