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    If you have lived here in Anderson, South Carolina for any length of time you are aware of the amount of humidity that we have during about 9 months of the year. Humid/moist conditions provide an excellent environment for mold. Mold spores can travel from one location to another very readily and create a biohazard for humans. Detecting and taking action early are the best way to mitigate the problem. If you see what appears to be a dark spot on your ceiling or under your kitchen or bathroom cabinet or smell a musty odor in your laundry room, it's time to call in the professionals from H2 Mold Removal Services of Anderson.


    If someone in your home has allergies, COPD or asthma you want to be especially diligent about maintaining a clean dry environment where mold can't take hold. Air quality can be crucial to the quality of life for those that have respiratory issues.


    H2 Mold Removal of Anderson SC Hazmat Suits

    H2 Mold Removal Services of Anderson can assess the needed action and will arrive when scheduled (wearing safety gear, masks and gloves) along with the necessary cleaning agents to safely clean and remove all traces of the mold. If the situation warrants, the technicians will use HEPA filtered air scrubbers and vacuums. Every precaution is used to keep the mold from being spread to other areas of the house. The technicians may use plastic sheeting to block unaffected areas of the house thus containing the mold and stopping it from spreading through the spreading of mold spores. Antimicrobial cleaners are used to wipe down all surfaces to make certain that the mold is contained.


    Mold removal or remediation is not a DYI project. By cleaning the area, you are disturbing the mold and may trigger unintended inhalation of the mold spores which could land you in the hospital. Some exposures can even lead to death! Treating the mold requires proper ventilation of the area along with the proper protective gear. Our specialists are very well trained and prepared to handle the problem. Don't put your life at risk.


    If you need mold removal (or remediation as it is sometimes referred to) in Anderson, South Carolina, call us immediately. When you call us at H2 Mold Removal Services of Anderson, we will schedule a visit where we will inspect your house or business, give you a FREE quote and set a schedule remediation if that is your decision. Once you have accepted the quote, our professional mold remediation team will arrive as per the schedule, perform that work necessary and leave you with the assurance that the problem has been resolved and no mold remains. For your FREE quote give us a call today at (864) 402-1243 or fill in the form below.