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    Water damage can occur from a number of sources. Frozen pipes can burst as they thaw or a washer hose can become old and lose its elasticity, weakening to the point of failure. A leak in the roof can occur. Water from a drain can back up and overflow. Mother Nature can literally cause the creek to rise and flood part of your home. Whatever the source of the water, you need to act fast before additional problems arise.


    H2 Mold Removal Services of Anderson technicians will work to mitigate the water damage as quickly as possible and restore your property quickly. The process that is employed is as follows:

    • Assess and inspect the structure to determine the extent of the damage.  We use moisture meters to determine the outer ranges of the area affected and create a map of the area to be dried.
    • The technician will then remove any standing water from the area using specialized vacuums.
    • We will then use powerful drying equipment to dry the area.  The technician will continue to monitor the drying over time.  In some cases, the drying process can take several days to reach the proper moisture content. Quick drying is important to prevent the possible growth of mold.
    • Once the dried area has reached the desired goal, the technician will remove all equipment and clean the area thoroughly.
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    After the area has been dried, H2 Mold Removal Services will help you with determining the next course of action and will work with your home owner's insurance company to restore your home to its preexisting condition. They will work with the contractor of your choice to make repairs on ceilings, walls and flooring. If the damage is the result of an on-going leak, wooden structural members may need to be replaced. Our staff will also work with you to assess the damage that may exist to furniture or carpeting.


    If you have water damage, do NOT do the following:

    • Do not touch or try to use electrical outlets in the affected area.  Doing so may endanger your life. Leave appliances that are currently plugged in as they are.  Do not try to use them or unplug them.
    • Do not use a vacuum on wet areas. Unless you have a wet vac designed for that use, using a typical vacuum, at the very least, will ruin the vacuum and at the worst can short out the vacuum causing possible harm to you.
    • Try to keep the area cool.  Hot, wet areas will enhance the growth of mold.
    If you have need for water damage restoration services in Anderson county, South Carolina, contact H2 Mold Removal of Anderson today by calling us at (864) 402-1243 or using the contact form below.