• Fire and Smoke Damage

    Make Your Anderson, SC Home Look New Again!

    Accidents can happen. A fire can be absolutely devastating. Smoke and soot can travel throughout the structure damaging more than just the burned area. Our fire and smoke restoration specialists are ready to help when you need it. Services include:

    • Smoke/Soot Restoration/Remediation
    • Fire Restoration/Remediation
    • Residue and odor clean up
    • Air purification and disinfecting
    • Testing of appliances that may have been damaged
    • Testing of electrical outlets
    • Clean up of HVAC system
    • Inspection of structural issues
    • Help in disposal of damaged appliance/clothing/other items
    • Demolition of damaged areas
    • Water removal and drying of areas where water was used on the fire
    • Quick response
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    There are different approaches to fire and smoke damage remediation. Some restoration companies use a wet method of cleaning smoke or soot from walls and ceilings. Others may use a "dry" method. Contact us today to discuss the options that we have to rid your house of the residue from a fire and put your residence back to "where it was". Call us for a FREE quote today at (864) 402-1243 or use the form below.